BVPages is not your average business directory, it is a directory that is trying to feed the small fish in the big pond. It can be a stressful journey to achieve your set goal and it is not something you can do on your own. Let’s take the ‘Disney’ film ‘Finding Nemo’; his father was set an incredible task to find his son across the ocean where dangerous predators are waiting and huge obstacles on every path. His journey was made easier with the friends he met along the way that aided him in his quest, giving him direction and hope to find what he needed. Even forgetful ‘Dory’ had her place in this story offering hope and showing dedication for the same goal. You’re probably thinking I’m being silly using a ‘Disney’ film to talk about business but you would be surprised what great morals it sets if you really think about it. That doesn’t mean to say that you should now use the whole ‘Disney’ collection as your guidance for your empire unless you are into animation then maybe it will work out.

Networking is something that we believe is very important and we decided that we wanted to be that friend helping SME’s to make the connections they need to in order to get where they need to be. We want to give them the right tools in order to go beyond their boundaries making the journey a little less stressful. BVPages is here to provide free networking events, friendly advice on all your video marketing solutions and connect you with the right people.

We have already held three successful networking events across Suffolk & Essex and they just keepĀ  getting bigger and better every time. We have had support from some great venues who have played their part in the journey and offering their services free of charge and sometimes chucking in those little nibbles as an extra. The aim of our networking events is to provide a relaxing and enjoyable social event that takes off the pressure and does away with that corporate image. We believe in making friends in business not just contacts.

It is great seeing this platform grow and seeing new faces that come along with it. So please join us at our next networking event.

If you would like to team up with us and host an event in the future then get in touch at